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How to use Google Adwords


How are you doing your online advertising? Are you using Facebook ads, Rich Pin, SEO tools or email campaigns? Well, if Google AdWords is not on your list of advertising channels, then you are missing out on great opportunities to improve your sales. Here we explain to you how to use Google Adwords.

Businesses are finding a gold mine in Google AdWords. What better description can we give to a PPC advertisement where you invest a dollar and get double the amount in revenue, or even more? When you have your AdWords campaigns structured correctly, you will reach out to people who are looking for your products and services using Google’s search engine. Your website will appear right in front of your potential customers. What more would you ask for as a business owner?

The beauty of AdWords lies in the fact that Google is very much established as a search engine. Virtually every Australian home is using Google to search for products and services. When someone wants to buy furniture, for example, they will first do their search on Google. They will type a phrase like ‘furniture dealers in Melbourne.’ At the first instance, the person looking for furniture will take a look at many of the options that will come forward on the search engine results. The chances are high that they will be looking through the websites that appear on the first page. Are we talking about SEO? Not quite. Needless to say, your SEO needs to be spot on. But you can still get your web pages to this top positions using Google ads so that you can make your presence known even to this prospective buyer who is still window shopping. All I am saying is that AdWords and SEO need to be used in concert.

So if you are a furniture dealer offering delivery services to Melbourne, you can easily be the one to win over the heart of this potential buyer. This will come when you do your campaign in a competent way and when your keyword research is well informed. In this case, if you have the keywords ‘furniture delivery in Melbourne’, your website will appear as an ad. If the customer makes a click and eventually places an order, the few dollars you used to pay for the click will be converted to hundreds of dollars when you finally get paid for the services you rendered. Sounds simple, but is it? It all depends on how you carry out your campaigns. Don’t take chances because your money is at stake here.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a paid per click advertisement service which enables users to market their businesses on Google’s platforms such as search engine results pages. It involves a process of bidding where users bid on certain keywords, and a real-time auction is effected each time someone searches for a keyword that website owners have bid on.

The estimated cost of a certain keyword and the competition level of your rivals are parameters that can help you make a decision on whether to proceed with a campaign. All this information can be found on Google AdWords tool. The tool also gives you suggestions on what keywords to use based on your niche.

How much you get displayed by Google will depend on several factors such as your choice of keywords, the keyword matching and in general, the optimization processes that you will undertake to make your ad more compelling.

How To Run A Successful AdWords Campaign

The biggest problem for people running an AdWords account for themselves is how to get the maximum out of it. For some, the despair starts when they cannot even get an ad approval because they did not adhere to the Google policies when setting up their campaigns.

Another challenge is the targeting. Although Google helps you to do your targeting well, your input is of much essence. You are the owner of your business, and you understand what you offer more than Google does. It is upon you to tell Google that you’ve launched this new product and you would like to tell people about it. To avoid getting low conversion rates, you also have to tell Google what you are not selling. This can be well achieved by listing the negative keywords. For example, if you are selling furniture and you have specialized in only tables and chairs, your site doesn’t need to show up when someone is searching for a bed. When people come expecting something, and they don’t get it, this pokes a hole in your business. They will be coming and not converting; in the end, the money you spent is washed down the drain. You pay for the clicks which don’t generate revenue in return. All because you didn’t do your campaign skillfully.

To have more people converting, you should also consider the devices that they are using. It is no secret that people are currently obsessed with mobile phones. In fact, studies have shown that on average, a modern day human being will check their phone more than a hundred times a day. Not to mention outliers who are ever gazing on their screens. Therefore, you need some additional tools like call extensions which will make the whole process of conversion very easy for the consumers and more beneficial for your business.

Furthermore, you need to be very active in the account management. You should do a lot of maintenance to stay at the top of your game because the field is not stagnant. You should stay abreast with the market trends. Know which keywords are gaining popularity and make efforts to learn more about your customers. To keep your campaign optimized all through, you will have to do some work.

Keeping track of your campaigns is key. You need to know which keywords are generating the most revenue and which ones are underperforming. Google can help you keep track of both online conversions and those that make their purchases at your storefront after learning about your business online. You can use a few methods to boost your accuracy of tracking such as referring users to a thank you page after they make a purchase.

In a nutshell, here’s how to run a successful AdWords campaign:

  • Do your market research well. Make sure your prospects are available online.
  • Research the appropriate keywords that your potential customers are using in searches.
  • Establish how much you can afford to pay for ads without running losses.
  • Run ad tests to evaluate their expected performance.
  • Optimize your campaign using authoritative ads, and by creating landing pages that match to the keywords, you are using to advertise.
  • Keep track of the performance of your AdWords campaigns using Google’s data tools.

What Are The Advantages of Google AdWords

If you are worried about how much you will spend to run an AdWords campaign, think first about how much you can earn, and the fear will slowly fade away. Furthermore, whatever you spend is your discretion. Here are the benefits of Google AdWords that should make you start considering it as a crucial online marketing tool.

More Traffic in a Shorter Time

As soon as your ads are live, you will start to see an improvement in the traffic to your site. Although this also depends on how you set up the campaign. But if done appropriately, a Google AdWords campaign yields benefits in a shorter time compared to SEO. With the ads, you will be on search pages in a matter of hours whereas with search engine optimization, you have to be patient. There’s no doubt that when you make it to the top pages, you get more clicks and if the AdWords can get you there in hours, why not start on a high note and then let your search engine optimization catch up later.

With Google AdWords, your business will be announced to people who are looking for what you offer. This can do a lot in boosting your brand awareness. By changing the settings, you can reach out to people all over the world, or you can keep it local if you want to target only the customers nearby.

You’re In Control of The Expenses

How much are you willing to spend on Google Ads per day? However little the amount, Google will accommodate you. Set the limit on the amount you are willing to spend; an amount that will not hurt your business. You can start with just a few dollars and climb your way to the top as the sales increase over time. What’s more, you only pay for clicks on your ad. You don’t have to pay for impressions. Google AdWords does not lock you up to a contract. You can pause the campaign or stop it altogether whenever you want.

Remarketing on Google AdWords is Quite Effective

When a customer visits your website, they won’t always convert in the first instance. But you can influence this if you use Google AdWords the right way. One way of increasing the conversion rates is by doing remarketing. This can bring back customers who visited your site and never converted or those who only made an impression but never clicked on your ad. You can do remarketing on Google’s display network where your ad appears as a banner on other related websites which are offering advertising space. You can also run remarketing ads on Google search network to achieve the same goals. Better still, you can do remarketing on both the display network and search network at the same time. Remarketing is a great way of recapturing the potential customers that slipped through your fingers in the first case.

You Can Evaluate the Success of Your AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords avails to you important data that you can use to assess the level of success of your ads. You can tell how many people converted through which keyword. You can then decide which ad to pull down or which bids to increase based on how much revenue they are generating. You will also get more information that will help you better your campaigns such as how long a visitor stayed on a page, the number of new visitors and how many visitors are returning to your website. With this information, you can do a comprehensive analysis regarding your business and fill up the gaps in the current campaigns. Always remember that you need to track the performance of the ads all the time because the market can change in a short time.

When you use Google AdWords, you can maximize your profits in very simple steps. This is a very powerful tool that businesses are using all over the world and you shouldn’t be left behind. It might be a technical field for many. If you don’t want to make the mistakes, reach out to Digital Cycle and we will do all the donkey work for you.