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Elements of a Professional Website Design

Stories about websites that are lying dormant with outdated content are quite common. Such sites are unlikely to attract much traffic. Users that research and come across outdated information may become annoyed or frustrated. These are the experiences associated with unprofessional website design that set in when the owners invest in an incompetent website design experts.

Simple Website Design

The key to a professional website design is a simple one that is clean and clutter-free. This will entail only spotlighting the most important content while avoiding unnecessary web design clutter, such as, pop-ups, signs, buttons, banners or badges. A qualified website designer will focus on other simple web development elements like white space or flat design as these stand the best chance of enhancing the sites visitor experience. On the contrary, a cluttered website looks unprofessional to the visitors and discourages them from visiting it again.

Web Design With Visual Hierarchy

A professional web designer must always pay attention to visual hierarchy when arranging various elements on a web page. By doing this, they will increase the chance of a visitor acting upon the call-to-action. This requires them to be aware of how the eyes move when consuming information on websites – is it from left to right? Top to bottom? For example, website designers who understand visual hierarchy will include the sign-up button at the top of the webpage where it will immediately capture the visitor’s attention.

Use Suitable Font For Professional Web Design Outlook

Web page designers understand the impact of fonts on the feel and look of your website design. If need of a professional outlook, it is vital to select a font that corresponds to the culture of your business as well as its style. Fonts should be legible, distinct as well as in appropriate colours that are not exceedingly bright. Large fonts are suitable for headings, titles as well as subheadings and important information that the visitors will want to know.

Professional Mobile Web Design

Your website design should not only appear professional on the desktop version but also on its mobile version. With over 65% of website traffic coming from mobiles, it is key to have a seamless online mobile user experience. This will create a great user experience for those who use their mobile devices to access your website. With the assistance of mobile web design apps, your web developer should be able to construct a good web design that allows mobile users to harness as much information as possible – and keep coming back for more.