We do! And we run email marketing campaigns on a performance basis. The number one activity on internet is still checking our email inbox everyday. By targeting the right data bases with the right communication, we increase the chances of attaining high quality leads that convert to sales.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to get leads on a daily basis. At Digital Cycle,  have worked on different industries and each one of them has a different challenge. Let’s have a chat about your goals and make an analysis on the possible return on your investment.


Digital Cycle is a Online Marketing Agency that believes in partnering with every single customer. We aim to create profitable business opportunities and drive your digital strategies in order to outperform not only your competition but even your own expectations.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing involves sending commercial messages to potential or current customers via electronic mail. It is a marketing strategy that is used in Sydney and beyond by e-commerce enthusiasts. The information sent in these marketing emails includes advertisements, business requests, new product notifications, and soliciting for sales or donations.

Email marketing has proved to be a useful tool for any business. In this era, people typically rush to check their emails when that notification tone goes off. The inbox is practically a chill spot. Lucky you if it’s your marketing message they are fumbling to read barely a jiffy after its arrival.

Are you wondering why there’s so much talk about email marketing? Well, the reason is, this mode of marketing has great benefits for e-commerce websites. Communication via email is helpful in building customer trust and loyalty because the regular messages bring some kind of closeness.  

What’s more, the emails are a great way of selling out your brand and your business at large.

Imagine the amount of print space you would need for advertising on print media. Then there is the high cost of buying radio and television airtime. Compare these two with a series of emails sent to customers regularly, and it is clear that email marketing significantly cut costs.

Targeting the audience is an excellent way to win a customer’s heart. This is what makes email marketing so successful. All you need is an organised list of contacts and email addresses that are tailored towards the perceived needs of the different groups of customers.

With professional knowledge and a deep understanding of the strategy, email marketing can be very effective. It will help you get new customers, maintain loyalty and achieve repeat business. At Digital Cycle, we can lend a professional helping hand, and help you outperform your competition!