Affiliate marketing is a performance driven activity to increase sales or convert leads online. In some cases, businesses that use online transactions, can get a massive benefit from it because campaigns run on a cost per acquisition AKA cost per sale basis.

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Affiliate Marketing

You’ve heard about commissions, or you have received some or even in other circumstances, you were the one paying out the commission. Commissions and profit sharing take the centre stage in the affiliate marketing discussion. So what is affiliate marketing? This is a marketing tool that has been around for some time. It involves marketing a product or service for someone else, and when you get a buyer for the seller, you share the income.

In affiliate marketing, there are a number of players. One of them is the advertiser who is selling a product or service. Then there is the affiliate or the publisher who is promoting the products of the actual seller. The advertiser gives the publisher creative which is put up on the affiliate website. It can be in the form of banners, pop up ads or any unique code. The final part of the chain is the consumer who is targeted by the advertiser and the publisher, though indirectly by the former.

Affiliate marketing is successful when all the parties are ultimately satisfied. The consumer gets what they are looking for, the affiliate gets the commission, and the advertiser is happy to achieve a sale and make some income.

To be a successful merchant in this chain, you need to have the opportunistic mind of an entrepreneur. In a green field, you will have to generate the product idea and eventually come up with the product. To start the marketing process, you have to find affiliate program partners who can advertise your products to an audience of potential customers. As a publisher, you have to do some research on the products in your niche and then find an audience that has a high potential to convert. Going for pay per click advertisements as a publisher can be very helpful. To earn more, you have to achieve a high conversion rate. Alternatively, you can also go for a niche that offers high commission rates.

Therefore, whatever party is of interest to you, benefits will be realised if the whole process is well-coordinated and decisions are made by informed minds. Digital Cycle furnishes you with everything you need to be successful in affiliate marketing.