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Digital Marketing: What Is It and Is it Important?

Digital marketing is a term that’s quite common among online users. If you have been trying out some campaigns to generate leads, then I bet you can relate with the concept. If you are a startup, no worries. In this piece, we take a closer look at digital marketing, how it can impact your business and the trends associated with it especially in the Australian market.

So what is digital marketing? As a matter of fact, this phrase is prone to misuse and some vague definitions. The best definition is simply the promotion of products or services and creating awareness using electronic media. This makes it a broader term than what many perceive. By electronic devices, I am talking about all those devices you can think about such as the simplest radio or your ordinary television set. But what most people confuse digital marketing for is online marketing which can be viewed as a subdomain of the former which uses the internet as its platform. The reason for the confusion is crystal clear; many people are now rocking the internet. This is one thing people can’t stay without. Ask around and be sure you’ll find folks who are listing the internet as an essential life need. In the coming sections, online marketing will be highlighted a lot because it is, without a doubt, worth the mention.

It, therefore, goes without saying that even if you wanted to be that conventional digital marketer, you would still have to give online marketing special attention. This is like a pool where you are bound to find your prospective customers waiting for you, but only if you get it right.

What Does Digital Marketing Entail?

As we earlier mentioned, digital marketing is quite broad. It has its building blocks, and when you get the right hands on those, you can be on your way to experiencing marketing glory.

The main focus for any business looking to achieve its goals through digital marketing would be on:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid per click advertising (PPC)

These are the methods that have helped companies and small businesses to be a cut above the rest in the past couple of decades. Of course, they are not static. Things keep changing in the way content marketing works out, how to do effective search engine optimization and how best to reach out to the users of social networks. However, some core elements have been maintained for a long time. But you need to always stay abreast of the developments in the various sectors if you want your business to stand the test of time.

SEO will help you generate organic traffic by putting your website to high ranks on the search engines so that people can see your site ahead of the rest. This is an excellent way to generate leads, and it can be complemented by the paid per click advertising which also aims to rank you better and bring more traffic although, for this, you have to pay.

Content marketing involves creating content that is relevant and meaningful to your audience and crafting it in a way that promotes your business. For example, if you are launching something new or there is an event associated with your niche coming up, you can have your content marketer coming up with content that is in line with this. It not only creates awareness about what you are offering but also helps to attract potential customers to your website. By integrating the content well, your site becomes more visible online, and one web page can be a gateway to the variety that you have lined up on the other sections.

Above all, you should not forget that people are moving more towards using mobile devices. These gadgets can now do almost everything that a desktop does plus much more; from typing assignments and making presentations to watching movies. Why then should we carry those cumbersome desktops wherever we go? Because of this, anyone involved in digital marketing needs to emphasize the need to make mobile-friendly content and websites in general.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

It is no secret that many businesses are now opting for online marketing. Though we can attribute this to the changing market behaviors, it is also correct to say that more benefits are achievable with this modern means of marketing. There’s a clear cut difference between digital marketing and the print media of old.

Firstly, with digital marketing, you are sure about getting a bigger audience because today’s world virtually lives online. With the banners and ads on other sites, you can get a high number of leads. And for those who spend a good part of their day on social media, you can still capture their attention by running ads on these channels. Even the old school guys who are not so much into social media will probably have an email through which you can reach them. Thanks to the modern sophistication, your ads are displayed to people who have the potential of buying the products or services you are offering and therefore running a good campaign with the right strategies in place ensures that you can win more conversions.

Secondly, with digital marketing, you can easily measure the return on investment. If you ran a campaign on Google Adwords for example, you would be given all the information regarding the proceedings such as how many people have visited your site through the ad and how many impressions you have generated. You can then quite easily determine if it is worth spending the money on those ads.

Another advantage is that online marketing, in particular, is cost-effective. This can be viewed from many perspectives starting with the little investment you need as a minimum to set up an online campaign. Most of the platforms such as Google give you the freedom to decide how much you want to spend in a particular period.

Ready to Start?

If you want to keep up with the market trends and sustain the profitability of your business, digital marketing is the way to go. But you might be wondering how to get on with it. Well, digital cycle is a top digital marketing agency that can do a lot for you regarding digital marketing, starting with creating a professional website to doing the relevant analysis on your leads.